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The KYH, LLC. Fruits of Health Detox Bundle is a guide and road map of the best fruits to eat and the best proceedures to take for achiving optimal detoxification. In addition this guide will provide the proceedures to take when transitioning in and out of a detoxifying or cleansing diet. This guide ultimately guides you in simply cleaning all the mess that you put in your body or that the body put in there in an attempt to protect itself.


It entails a 3-in-1 ALL HEALTH DETOX GUIDE which includes:

  1. The Fruits of Health Complete Detox Guide
  2. The Fruits of Health Eating Detox Guide
  3. The Fruits of Health Eating Schedule Detox Guide



Once purchased you will receive a digital download of guide. You can save and store in any database you like. It is yours to keep forever as you embark on the journey to a new level of health.

Fruits of Health Detox Bundle

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