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About Keep Your Health LLC

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“Your Body is a reflection of your lifestyle”.

   - by Your Body

Our mission is to better the natural wellbeing and longevity of all committed clients by providing an opportunity for personal fitness instruction, healthy nutritional coaching and natural/organic herbal recommendations. We encompass the implementation of routine exercises, natural/organic/ whole food consumption recommendations and natural and/or organic herbal healers, remedies and therapies to meet an individual’s personal, fitness and/or nutritional goals.


Keep Your Health, LLC. promotes a natural and organic, alkaline vegan, plant based and raw vegan food consumption through a plethora of natural and organic whole food plants and herbal product recommendations. We also promote purposeful instruction through strategic routines and exercises that are conducive to your specific body type, status and profile.

Our Company’s purpose is to provide an outlet as a set of services that will promote your vitality, longevity, happiness and self-love in order to build a strong and healthy mind, body, and soul.

We inspire a lifestyle of longevity through Nutrition & Herbal Healing recommendations of various kinds of remedies, routines & therapies. This is done by exposing and educating our clients to a Wholistic & Healthy way of living.

“Keep Your Health! It’s a Lifestyle"


About Reuben 

Health Instructor and Founder

Born on the day of May 12th 1990. Growing up in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn then transitioning to the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Whom God destined and created through his wonderful parents. A simple lifestyle of enjoyment for Reuben consists of working out, eating, traveling, spending time with family and friends, watching, listening and reading content pertaining to food, nutrition and herbs from around the world. My early life consisted of a very firm lifestyle of Faith & Family and these two things are very important to me even until present day.  

My Faith grounds me in everything I do. I began to grow a strong passion for health, nutrition, fitness and then herbal healing. Only because of my fondness for eating, trying new dishes, watching a plethora of different cuisines on many ethnicities to now finding myself reading every nutritional fact, instruction, and continent on every single product just to make sure I put the best of the best in my body is my obsession now. Since I became a young adult I began to pay more attention to my body and began to be more concerned in becoming fit. Transforming from being a naturally skinny dude to a pretty athletic and fit one was beyond proof that I can impact other individuals lives by helping one reach their goals. Living in the heart of Flatbush is also living in the heart of West Indian Culture. I am blessed to be around such people of wisdom in the world of herbs. It took but only one visit to the home of a family’s friend to be introduced to homemade herbal products. In turn I couldn’t help but to  research and find out about other herbs , spices, roots, vegetables and fruits. Then to learn how it has such supernatural powers that can heal the body blew my mind! It’s amazing how the human body can be restored, rejuvenated and brought back to life with a simple plant found on the Earth; The very world; created by God.

God gave me the purpose to help and serve his people through education. God spoke to me one day and gave me the directive to help His people by directing & instructing individuals to live a simple but healthy lifestyle. This allowed me to manifest a Business that consists of an All Health 3-in-1 Stop & Shop. To promote an individual's health through fitness instruction, nutritional coaching & herbal healing.

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