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Struggling to find a convienent and effective way to mix your favorite fruits and herbs together? Not sure how to make an immunity boosting, weight loss, cleansing or fortifying health remedy? Look no further. Our KYH Plant-Based Mixtures & Concoctions are suitable for all ages and provides a creative, convienent, yet delicious way to get your complete nutrients all in one. Begin to take your daily doses of our top 8 selections of plant-based mixutes & concoctions incorporated with your top alkaline fruits, herbs & bases paired together to create the perfect formula to target any specific health need that you so desire. Consume and then watch the magic of healing begin!


I bet you haven't had a mixture or concoction that tastes this good! KYH Plant-Based Mixtures & Concoctions are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which all promote the production of a healthy mind, body & soul.


✅No Additives

✅No Added Sugars

✅Simple, Clean Ingredients

✅100% Natural & Organic; Non-GMO

KYH Natural & Organic Health Mixtures & Concoctions

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  • HEALTHY CLEANSE - Lemon, Fresh Pasley Herb, Organic Ginger Root, Distilled Water


    HEALTHY DIGESTION RESTORATION - Dominican/Hatian Mango, Organic Red Apple, Organic Ginger Root, Distilled Water


    HEALTHY ENERGIZER - Baby Bananas, Organic Dates (pitted), Cacao Powder/Roasted Cacao Nibs, 100% Pure Organic Coconut Water


    HEALTHY IMMUNITY SUPPORT - Sour Orange, Key Lime, Organic Ginger Root, Date Syrup, Distilled Water


    HEALTHY WEIGHT SHREDDER - Key Lime, Seeded Cucumber, Organic Chia Seeds, Blueberries, Distilled Water


    HEALTHY MASS HEALTHY GAIN - Baby Bananas, Organic Cuscous (thick), Organic Raw Rolled Oats, Orgainc Unrefined Coconut Butter/Oil, Date Syrup, Ceylon Cinnamon, Distilled Water


    KEEP THAT TUMMY TIGHT - Key Lime, Fresh Mint Herb, Fresh Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Distilled Water


    MORE HEALTHY ANTIOXIDANTS PLEASE - Blueberries, Stawberries, Raspberries/Blackberries, Distilled Water

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