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KYH NUTRIENTS OF HEALTH - (40 plant-based herbal supplement capsules)

We deliver a variety of specific herbal formulas that  rejuvenate and revitalize specific systems and organs in the body. Each individual product is curated with an herbal formula handcrafted and wildcrafted with quality natural, organic & alkaline herbs (no chemicals and no unnatural preservatives). Our Nutrients of Health herbal supplement capsules are plant-based; no gelatin used. These products are used to target mild to chronic illnesses & diseases, digestive complaints, nervous system imbalances, skin disorders, managing weight loss, detoxing/cleansing the body and many more health concerns. Made with all plant-rich ingredients. Made with all natural ingredients without any dyes or fillers and are gluten, soy and other common allergen free and are in a vegetable capsule.



This herbal remedy nourishes and heals the body like none other. This natural, plant-based superfood supplement is a must have addition to your eating plan if you want to reduce the risk of certain chronic health conditions and just overall improvements in health and wellness. This herbal formula serves as an anti-inflammatory, immune booster, detoxifier, blood cleanser and cell replenisher. In addition to treating anemia, anxiety, bronchitis, arthritis, digestion. This formula also contains cancer treating properties.



Naturally fight the root causes of joint, muscle, nerve pains, cramps, soreness, stiffness and tension. Reduce inflammation tension, arthritis and even menstrual pains with this one alkaline herbal formula. Made solely of rich plant ingredients scientifically shown to support healthy muscles and nerves. 



Supercharge your immune system with The Complete Immunity of Health. The all-natural, alkaline herbs provide bulletproof protection against colds, flus, and other viral infections. Each herb in this formula does its job to cleanse the blood, remove mucus from your system, protect your respiratory system, treat stomach sickness, reduce fevers and much more.



The “Foundation of Health'' is a set of herbs used to clean the liver, kidneys, and blood. These herbs provide a general cleaning to help relieve pressure put on the whole body by the body’s nutrient-delivery system. Aids the blood from being compromised by pathogens and toxins.  Strengthening the liver supports the ability for your body to efficiently remove pathogens and toxins from the blood and strengthening the kidneys supports your body's ability to efficiently balance electrolytes and water in the blood.



The “Healthy Adrenals" contains herbs known to support and address the adrenal glands. Most of these herbs are also considered adaptogens and help the body “adapt” to stress. Stress is the main cause of adrenal fatigue, which can result in low energy, depression, brain fog, light-headedness, and irregular salt and sugar cravings. The herbs in this tea work hard to keep the adrenal glands stronger than ever by reducing anxiety, supporting mental clarity, and physical endurance, and reducing and regulating cortisol levels.



This 100% alkaline herbal healer was formulated to work at the root issues behind Nervous Disorders and provide fast and long-term relief from even the most debilitating physical and mental symptoms. ZERO caffeine present. 100% natural & organic. REAL results as in improved breathing, feeling calm, reduced palpitations, better sleep and overall weaker symptoms. You must maintain a plant base diet while on this detox.



This formula relaxes nerves and muscles. It is used to address brain and nerve issues including attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The “Foundation of Health” contains burdock root and elderberry, and it works well with the “Healthy Brain and Nerve” in calming and supporting the health of the brain and nerves.



Calcification of soft tissue throughout the body obstructs the entry of nutrients and phytonutrients to the tissues and cells. This herbal formula breaks up internal waste in your body and cleans up your lymphatic system. This in result purifies the blood back to optimum health dissolving all solid deposits (ex. kidney stones).



This formula is an iron-rich cell energizer, cleanser, and revitalizer. It delivers iron- and oxygen-rich blood to the brain, nervous system, and lymphatic system. It reduces cravings for additive substances. The "Cell Reviver" is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-cardiovascular (respiratory), calms nerves and purifies the blood.



This plant has been known to provide the brain with high amounts of oxygen to improve memory and concentration for over thousands of years! This herb also has been scientifically proven to increase brain health. Experience the opportunity of improved mental performance, long-term memory, reduced inflammation in the brain, and increased circulation within the whole body and blood stream!



This combination nourishes the female endocrine system and supports estrogen balance. Hormonal imbalance is a primary reason for the development of fibroids. The Menstrual Cycle can be disturbed for many reasons, most of them relating to hormonal imbalances, stress, too much/too little exercise, weight problems, steroids, contraceptive pills, chronic illness, vitamin and mineral deficiency and even excess caffeine, alcohol or smoking. This herbal remedy should all be taken at the appropriate point (at the start of when menstrual is about to begin until it has ended) in the cycle for 2-3 cycles. A normal menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days. If this cycle varies greatly from one period to another without reason, it can be termed irregular. It can all be nourished from this simple herbal formula.

Self Help:

Combine herbal formula with a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruit and low in fatty food, sugar and alcohol. Try to avoid smoking. Exercise regularly; particularly of the waist and pelvis. Have a more relaxed attitude of life. All reproductive problems will benefit from this simple approach.



Struggling to expel and discharge excess fluid from your body? Look no further. The “Healthy Fluid Flow” stimulates your lymphatic system to do its job by cleansing and detoxing excess waste in the body by clearing up the skin and clots in the blood to increase and promote healthy blood flow (regulating blood pressure). Each herb in this formula does its job to reduce pain, inflammation (stiffness/swelling), increase blood circulation, heal wounds and even removes toxins from the skin on an intra-cellular level.

KYH Nutrients of Health

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    The digestive tract is a major area for the proliferation of various diseases. The digestive tract contains beneficial bacteria that serve as a major part of the immune system and protects the body against harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms. Cleansing and repairing the cells in the digestive tract and rebalancing the beneficial flora keeps harmful fungus like candida in check. Candida overgrowth is associated with several diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn’s disease (CD)and ulcerative colitis (UC). Candida is also associated with gastric ulcers and lupus, which affects the whole body, resulting in diseases like mouth, penis or vaginal yeast infection. These are also areas of herpes outbreaks. This formula is used to restore the health of the digestive tract, and in doing so, they help to restore the balance of the whole body. This combination can increase bowel movements to three to six times a day contributing to losing waste weight ranging from 3-15 pounds.



    Need to suppress your appetite because you eat too much? Well here is a natural remedy from nature's cabinet that will do the trick!



    Still using Tylenol, Excedrin and Motrin to cope with pain? Ditch those chemicals and get you real live bio minerals that are designed to fuel, rejuvenate and revitalize your body's tissues, glands, organs, systems and cells!




    Irish Moss know as "Chondrus Crispus" or "Sea Moss" has been around since the oceans first lapped the shore. Irish Moss is rich in natural minerals, high in iron and antioxidants that make it an all around immunity booster and weight loss aid. Irish Moss is also widely used for immune support. It contains healthy properties of vitamins A, E, F and K, calcium, potassium, and sulfur. It’s also a natural source of iodine. Commonly used to help relieve congestion and mucus, Irish Moss holds antibacterial and anti-viral properties. It’s also used to treat dry skin ranging from eczema to psoriasis. You can literally add this to everything! Smoothies to teas to Acai bowls to baking mixures and even sauces. It would be hard to identify one particular plant that has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, but our Healthy Irish Moss comes close. It contains more than 90% of the nutrients your body needs and can be used as a natural medicine to treat flu-like symptoms. This is why this sea plant if often also called "Nature's Multi-Vitamin".



    This combination supports male health such as a healthy libido, a healthy balance of anxiety, balanced testosterone levels, increased sexual desire, addressing sexually transmitted diseases, and cleaning the cells of the penis.



    This herb strengthens the pancreas and endocrine system, controls blood-sugar levels, and is used to reverse diabetes. Reduces obesity and all chronic illnesses rooted in it (high cholesterol/blood pressure). Contributes to inflammation removal and obesity reduction.



    Our current standard "American Diet" is void of real energy and many of us are mineral-deficient which leads to problems like anemia, anxiety, depression, fatigue and a weakened immune system. This herbal formula consists of 3 all-natural, alkaline herbs served to cleanse and oxygenate the blood, nourish the nervous system, provide clean energy, clear up brain fog and much more! Get your energy up the plant-based way! NO CAFFEINE.



    The "Healthy Pregnancy" is designed to minimize the increased pressure within the body. Pregnancy is a time of great change for the body. Many minor ailments can be relieved by this homemade herbal formula.



    This formula contains herbs that address thyroid health that are naturally high in iodine, a substance that’s considered to be beneficial in helping to keep the thyroid gland cleansed and nourished, which can help your metabolism operate at optimal levels. The "Healthy Thyroid Boost" helps boosts metabolism, helps to maintain normal functionality of your thyroid gland and enhancing weight-loss must maintain a healthy diet and sufficient exercise routine to see efficient results.



    This formula contains contains herbs that address the thyroid. Because the thyroid gland is controlled by the adrenal glands, excessive cortisol levels might cause a sluggish thyroid. The "Healthy Thyroid Calmer treats excessive thyroid hormone levels (hyperthyroidism). As well as inhibiting the attachment of antibodies to the thyroid cells that cause Grave's disease, according to several test-tube studies. This herbal formula is also great for keeping the thyroid regulated, but it is also known to help regulate the heartbeat from issues due to anxiety, flatulence, and heart failure. Lastly, these herbs are good for maintaining healthy hormones while enhancing the immune system, improving sleep, reducing fatigue and lessening stress levels. Must maintain a healthy diet and sufficient exercise routine to see efficient results.



    Need an aid to help you lose weight? Along with the proper eating plan and exercise "The Healthy Loss" is designed to reduce fat lipid levels (cholesterol), boost metabolism and burn calories/fat.



    This is a natural whole-food chlorophyll-rich mineral, vitamin, and phytonutrient supplement.



    This formula was formulated to provide the brain with high amounts of oxygen, improved memory, removal of brain fog and silence from over-thinking. This highly alkaline blend includes 4 herbs that have been scientifically proven to increase brain health. These herbs carry endless benefits for the entire body including improving immune system function, improve mental performance and long-term memory, reducing inflammation in the brain and throughout the entire body, calming the nervous system and relieving Anxiety and much more!



    This calming and relaxation formula contains 6 all-natural, alkaline herbs perfectly formulated to calm the nervous system, providing a wave of calm and peaceful feelings throughout the body. Helps at the core to address issues such as: Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Moodiness, Nervousness, Muscle Tension, Headaches, Digestive issues and more!



    This is the overall body cleansing formula. The "Total Body Health Detox" is designed to detox, cleanse and revitalize your body at the cellular level. These set of herbs will get rid of mucus, toxins and acids which build up in the body. In addition this detox will also nourish and purify the blood and work to bring the entire body to a healthy state. You must maintain a plant base diet while on this detox.

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