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To avoid a lot of the digestive issues that we deal with such as hemroids constipation, indegestion, gas bloating and ect!


KYH Circadian Rthythm Chart is a "WHEN TO & HOW TO" eating guideline that is created to have a healthy digestion process to meet your health goals.


The circadian rhythm is the natural energy flow of our digestive system and it should be used to define our eating habits and routine.

As humans, understand we are nature. We resemble plants in nature. There is a
circadian rhythm for everything. The sun rises at a certain time and it sets every single day. The weather has circadian rhythm when it's going through seasons. It is a law and that law doesn’t change. Once you understand nature, you will begin to innerstand the intricate nature of the human body.

Improper eating can cause “dis-eases” in the body such as:

- bloating

- inflammation

- discomfort & etc


So let’s get your sexy body right inside and out! Take care of your body & your body will take care of you!


Understand your natural digestive energy flow by investing in this chart. Over hundreds of people just like you have seen major success with following this chart and noticed positive changes in their physical, mental and spiritual health.


Everything is written down for you so all you have to do is go shopping and eat accordingly as instructed in this guide. NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU.


KYH Food Pairing Chart is a "WHEN TO & HOW TO" eating chart that breaks down your natural energy flow of digestion corresponding to the different times of the day.

KYH Circadian Rhythm Chart

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