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KHY FACE READING (eyes, tongue & face)

Get a full eye reading for both eyes, tongue & whole face reading. This is a combination of a detailed iridology reading plus tongue & whole face readings. The results will confirm which one of your body's system(s), organ(s) and/or gland(s) corresponds to the root cause of your health issue. Using three marks allow better insight into the state of weakness or strength of your systems, organs, and glands.


To get your reading started you will take a picture of the sclera of your left eye, the sclera of your right eye, tongue & face and send via text or email. The picture needs to be clear and not blurry.  Once your eye, tongue & face are all read, the inconsistencies on your face will show up as cracks, lines, marks, wrinkles, bumps, dry/oily patches, discoloration, veins, etc. Your health results are formated into a report and sent as a pdf which will contain the links to videos explaining your 3 readings.




** We recommend using the EyeCos EYE Selfie app to take better eye photos.

Download for Android:
Download for iOS: › app › eyecos-eye-selfie

KYH Face Reading

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