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Detoxing is the act of removing harmful chemicals, toxins & weight from the body.


KYH Inches (Colon) Detox Manual is a plant-based detox eating plan that is created to cleanse the colon, gut, stomach & intestines. The detox is high in fiber from natural fruits and vegetables. over 10,000 people just like you have seen major success with the detox and noticed positive changes in their physical, mental and spiritual health.


This detox manual entails detox recipes and a full day to day eating schedule. Everything is written down for you so all you have to do is go shopping and prepare the detox recipes and meals as instructed in the guide. NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU.


The KYH Inches (Colon) Detox Manual is a detox meal plan.


IMPORTANT: Avoid seedless fruits, processed foods, junk food, hybrid foods, white foods, wheat, refined sugar, salt, meat, dairy, can goods, packaged foods, frozen produce, microwaves, alcohol and caffeine.


Should be purchased and paired with the "Healthy Gut & Cell Cleanser" and the "Healthy Calcification Killer" Herbal Health Tea or Nutrient of Health (vegan capsule).

KYH Colon (Inches) Detox Manual

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