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KYH, LLC. INTERNAL BALANCE OF HEALTH (mind, body & spirit)

This Internal Balance of Health is a protocol formula created by Reuben Finerson to create a cohesive harmony between the mind, body and spirit. By building a strong and healthy mind, body, and soul promotes one’s happiness, self-love, vitality and longevity. This is broken down into a 3-stage protocol: 1. Discover, 2. Release, & 3. Manifest. This will be explained in a series of interviews that will be conducted with the creater, founder & owner of Keep Your Health Reuben Finerson a certified Health & Wellness Coach and Holistic Professional. Before tackling any health issue, it is critical to first start with a self-audit to determine the level of toxicity in your life. Ultimately assisting you in facilitating and forster creation of the "shadow work" implimentation within you!



The first step to healing is within the discovery stage. When we speak about toxicity that is derived from trauma so here is where you are guided to identifying and understanding what it truly means and how it is showing up in your life. When dealing with or referencing trauma we must ask ourselves the question - what emotional trauma have you absorbed from childhood? It is essential to find the SOURCE of your trauma so that you can know what needs to be released and in which way. Finding the source helps you determine where these toxic emotions, feelings, and eating habits derive from. This is how you pin-point generational curses.


In this stage you will be taught the true definition of trauma, the stages of life with trauma (prenatal, birthing & adolescent), what is an emotional cycle, how to keep track of it, auditing yourself spiritually and mentally, how to check your cravings and what they mean, different life stressors and stress reactions. This will then lead you into performing a "toxicity dump" first. This is needed to be able to audit one's self to determine the level of toxicity in your life. Here you will be provided with a series of questions that you will ask yourself that will assess the mind, body, and spirit (questions will be provided during the interview). This is crucial so you will need to perform this self-audit daily for the duration of 1 whole week, especially when you are in a low emotional cycle. Then you will be guided on how to link all the trauma you identified in your "toxicity dump" to its reasons. This is how you find the SOURCE of your trauma. For example, you may have identified that you are depressed which maybe one of your traumas. Once you go through the protocols of sitting in meditation and encourage your thoughts to discover when you first felt depressed in childhood. Most people are not taught coping skills in childhood, so that initial source or link of your depressive feeling never was resolved. Therefore, every time you encounter a stressor, which leads to depression, it can trigger that initial childhood event. It’s all about linking your feelings of today to the source so that you know which suppressed event needs to be acknowledged and healed.



Once you have identified the trauma and its SOURCE, it is time to PURGE!

Here you will be given the 5 methods of releasing:

1. Spiritual Baths

2. Fire Letters

3. Ceremonial Dancing

4. Meditation

5. Force Push Method


Now in order to maintain this new level of internal harmony of your mind, body & spirit you will be given 2 additional protocols and methods:

1. K.Y.H.C Statements (Keep. Your. Harmony. Chat.)

2. Setting Boundaries


In this stage you will move forward along to the next interview series where you will be taught how to release all the toxicity/trauma in your life, why it is necessary to do so, how to deal with toxic people, why they are affecting you, the purpose of communication, how to effectively communicate (with male and female), how to communicate with hostile people, how to criticize, and how foods can inhibit your ability to access your intelligence and process information.



In this stage you will learn how to manifest your desires in whatever aspect of your life (health, wealth & ect). You can manifest anything you want if you continue to heal and make room for abundance. Using the time to discover to identify and understand which spiritual and emotional issues need healing is crucial to this step. It is important to pair a physical detox (food) with your mental detoxes (toxicity dumps, fire letters) along with spiritual detoxes (spiritual bath, meditation and force push methods). You are not compartmentalized being you are a holistic mind, body & spirit being. This is how God made us all. Everything is a symbol, so combining these 3 detox styles and performing them simultaneously is a symbol of cleansing to receive your break through and manifestation of blessings. Always make sure your manifestations are attainable to avoid doubt, worry, and fear. Yes, you can attain anything, but you still need to attach your dream aspirations to logic. This way, you will avoid festering emotions that work directly against what you want to manifest. If you are constantly worried about hitting your goals, what type of signal are you sending your subconscious mind? It is vital that you not only set your intentions, but to EXECUTE them as well. In this final stage and interview you will be taught exactly how.

KYH Internal Balance of Health

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