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KYH, LLC. INTERNAL BALANCE OF HEALTH (mind, body & spirit)

This Internal Balance of Health is a protocol formula created by Reuben Finerson to create a cohesive harmony between the mind, body and spirit. By building a strong and healthy mind, body, and soul promotes one’s happiness, self-love, vitality and longevity. This is broken down into a 3-stage protocol: 1. Discover, 2. Release, & 3. Manifest. This will be explained in a series of interviews that will be conducted with the creater, founder & owner of Keep Your Health Reuben Finerson a certified Health & Wellness Coach and Holistic Professional. Before tackling any health issue, it is critical to first start with a self-audit to determine the level of toxicity in your life. Ultimately assisting you in facilitating and forster creation of the "shadow work" implimentation within you!



The first step to healing is within the discovery stage. When we speak about toxicity that is derived from trauma so here is where you are guided to identifying and understanding what it truly means and how it is showing up in your life. When dealing with or referencing