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Ever recieved a care packege? Well here's one specifically for your health. These packages target 1 or more ailments that you or a loved one may be suffering from. Here's an awesome way to get a variety of different products to target a specific health isses and at the same time getting the bang for your buck. In the message box, just tell us what type of ailments and health issues you're dealing with and/or desired heal goal(s) and we'll curate the best package for you!


KYH "Name Your Ailment" packages are a blend of natural and organic curated herbal blends, formulas and products ranging from lotions, tinctures, gels, pastes, oils syrups and ect. These formulas have been environmentally proven to naturally assist with a wide array of health issues.

KYH "Name Your Ailment" Herbal Health Packages

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  • Want to know how to customize your own KYH "Name Your Ailment Herbal Health Package(s)?

    Select your "package options" from the product's drop down menu. Select the package that holds true to the number of ailments you have. Then tell us in the message box what ailments, health issues you have or what you would like to target health wise and we’ll curate the most suitable package(s) for your specific health need!

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