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This Health Matrix is a research formula created by Reuben Finerson to create a
cohesive remedy for any illness. This "health matrix" is a 3-part formula: Assess,
Research/System Identification, & Mineral Meal/Herbal Plan. Many ailments/illnesses are not always the source of the issue. For example, if a client has high blood pressure, that is not the illness. The source of the problem may be a circulatory issue. The next thing to do is to determine what is causing the circulatory issue. Is it the heart or arteries? Undergoing this health matrix provides a complete health assessment that you will need to help you determine the SOURCE of an illness. The following is all the services, products, guides, manuals & protocols that you will recieve:




You will recieve this form; similar to what you recieve at a first doctor's visit. This form allows me to assess your health from head to toe in order to receive the most efficient set of health data pertaining to you in order to best help and guide you in the right direction of meeting your specific and personal health goals.



Get a full eye reading for both eyes, tongue & whole face reading. The results confirms which one of your body's system, organ and/or gland corresponds to the root cause of your health issue. Using three marks allows better insight into the state of weakness or strength of your systems, organs, and glands.



You receive the opportunity to talk to myself the Health Guru, Founder & Owner of Keep Your Health, LLC Reuben Finerson on a 60 minute Zoom Call for FREE. By investing in this option you will receive the opportunity to communicate your nutrition fitness and/or overall health concerns and goals. On this 60 minute video call I will also provide any recommendations to the best service and/or product to best meet your specific health goal(s), follow up suggestions, and to give you advice on how to become the best physical, mental and spiritual version of yourself.



You will receive an audio file explaining an easy DIY protocol on how to get fit easily and fast according to your body profile statistics!


INTERNAL BALANCE OF HEALTH (mind detox protocol)

An interview will be conducted with Reuben Finerson. Before tackling any health issue, you will first start with a self-audit to determine the level of toxicity in your life. Here we will assess the mind, body, and spirit by asking yourself a series of questions (questions will be provided during the interview). This is critical so you will need to perform a self-audit daily, especially when you are in a “low emotional cycle.” Next in this interview, we will assess the body to help you find the source of your health issue. S first we start with MINDSET to detox the MIND first!


You will recieve a downloadable and printabe 3 in 1 - 20 Day (6-7 days each) detox protocol. You are to follow this tothe T allong side while following the "KYH Internal Balance of Health" Protocol! At the end of your 20 Day Detox repeat for another 20 Days (40 Days total). At the end of your 40 Day Detox you will feel and be in the best shape of your life without lifting a weight, I guarantee! These documents include the:
  • KYH Colon (Inches) Detox Manual
  • KYH Blood Detox Manual
  • KYH Weight Loss (Beach Body) Detox Manual



Each organ, tissue, and cell needs minerals to perform its duties correctly. Most disease symptoms are happening because of a lack of minerals, which leads to malfunction. Once the issue's source is determined, the necessary minerals for that system is needed in order for it to function correctly. A meal and remedy plan is then customary built for you perfectly structured to your particular health issue. Meal planning principles such as circadian rhythm, meal pairing, and mineral pairing are all taken into account to construct your comprehensive plan.



Providing custum tailored herbal healing routines, remedies & therapies that are beneficial to either a specific ailment(s) or just to improve a desired health goal(s).

The Complete KYH Holistic Health Matrix

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